Enlighten festival

Canberra goes aglow

For nine days, Canberra’s iconic buildings and national attractions become a canvass for a special type of light show – the extraordinary, beautiful and iconic architectural projections that form the backbone of the Enlighten festival.

For more six years Morris Walker worked to promote this festival nationally and to help showcase the enormous diversity and innovation that features as part of its packed program, including blockbuster exhibitions, rare films, live music and performances, stand-up comedy, exclusive dining experiences and more.

As well as developing and rolling-out a media engagement strategy for the festival, our role involved collaborating with key stakeholders in the ACT and federal governments to showcase Enlighten’s more than 52 free and ticketed events.

We worked with designers, performers, technicians and talent agents from across Australia and the globe to showcase the festival’s individuality and promote its unique features, and to ensure Enlighten’s packed program was enjoyed by equally packed audiences.

Morris Walker established a promotional benchmark for Enlighten in 2011 and expanded on this in 2012, with an independent evaluation showing that publicity generated for the event in 2012 reached a cumulative circulation of 5.5 million people.

In 2013, we delivered consistent and sustained coverage in the lead-up to and throughout the event that was valued by the ACT Government at $1.1 million over Enlighten’s two weeks.

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