Strategic Communication

Anyone can communicate. It’s as simple as opening your mouth. But communicating strategically can be trickier, because it involves asking hard questions about what you’ve got to say, who your target audiences are, and what they need from you.

Morris Walker has provided in-depth strategic communication advice for hundreds of clients over the years, encompassing public, stakeholder and internal audiences. We build this advice into tailored, flexible communication strategies which respond to individual goals and circumstances, and help ensure that every speech, publication and media release serves a purpose.

Our strategic communication services include:

  • target audience identification and analysis
  • messaging and channel development
  • context and communication environment review
  • stakeholder identification and analysis
  • competitor analysis
  • communication strategy development
  • stakeholder engagement
  • content development
  • strategy implementation
  • communications benchmarking and evaluation.

Have a read through our case studies below to give you an idea of what we can achieve.

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