Googong Township

Getting Googong Going

Morris Walker has been working with the developers of Googong since 2009 to help promote this new township and create a sense of community for its first residents. During this time we have executed a variety of opportunities and media angles that have helped make Googong one of the most sought-after communities to live in.

As well as a strategic plan to generate widespread awareness about Googong, our work is also helping to establish the new development through a series of prominent and highly successful events.

Our approach to media publicity has seen top personalities attend and promote these events including Golden Logie winner Scott Cam, the hilarious Con the Fruiterer, and Australia’s favourite interior designer, Tara Dennis, all generating local and national coverage.

The strategy has also managed major corporate and business announcements, and potential concerns such as those relating to flight paths, the environment, roads and infrastructure.

Memorable achievements have included welcoming the first settlers to Googong to toast the beginning of their new township in 2014, followed by reaching a quarter of a billion dollars in lot sales in 2015.

By showcasing the townships environmental initiatives, technologies and techniques, our work also supports the efforts of the Googong sales team through high-profile, in-depth and sustained media coverage.

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