Goulburn Mulwaree Council

Right now in Goulburn

How do you motivate local residents, create population growth, and attract more enterprise to your city? These were the challenges faced by Goulburn Mulwaree Council before it set about to redress its diminishing population and rate payer revenue.

As part of the “Right now in Goulburn” advertising campaign, Morris Walker was appointed to design and implement a publicity campaign that would improve internal and external perceptions of Goulburn as a place to visit, live, work and invest. The campaign aim was to encourage a demographic shift that would increase the number of skilled and educated residents in the area with active careers.

Our tactics included a media campaign that helped engender pride in Goulburn by showing the diversity and many facets of the city’s character. An intensive program of interviews, articles and editorial was undertaken using the legends of Goulburn as spokespeople. Social media also helped drive change in local perceptions and encourage business owners and operators to act as champions.

Results included more than 70 separate story placements across targeted outlets and media over the six-month campaign, with an editorial value of more than $500,000. This outcome, together with talk and chat generated through social media channels, helped council attract a number of new residents and business enterprises from Sydney and Canberra to underscore the city’s growth.

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