Communicating internally

When Treasury was faced with a number internal communication challenges – from enterprise bargaining to graduate recruitment, international secondments to the agency’s transition to a shared services provider – it called on Morris Walker to help nut out the issues and plan the way forward.

For each separate communication task, we undertook indepth research to identify and define the issues. The outcomes of this research, consultation and fact-finding formed the basis of a comprehensive strategic approach to each challenge.

A series of workshops were also convened for each of the projects where the issues were laid bare for participants, and the views and opinions of both internal and external stakeholders could be canvassed and heard.

We then mapped out the tactical plans for each challenge using our fact finding and workshop outcomes as the basis, developed strategic responses for each challenge, and then chartered the plan to implement these.

As well as generating widespread interest, awareness and understanding of each of the individual initiatives, good communication with Treasury’s staff helped invigorate a team culture, and manage employee assumptions, expectations and attitudes.

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