Defence White Paper

Managing highly confidential and sensitive information 

The 2016 Defence White Paper mapped Australia’s course towards nearly $200 billion in defence capability or equipment by 2020-21, together with the largest military force in a quarter of a century.

The content was strategic, technical and highly complex, and Morris Walker was tasked with providing writing and editing services to help turn this specialist content into a document that was accessible for a wide audience, including defence strategists, industry, international stakeholders and the media.

When editing technical documents like this we work closely with the original authors to ensure that our proposed edits preserve meaning and intention while also making the content accessible to non-specialist audiences. Sometimes this just means making a few simple tweaks, while other times we undertake an extensive redrafting process in close consultation with our client.

This work was undertaken in a tight security context, and our internal systems and procedures – designed, tested and externally audited specifically for these types of highly sensitive and confidential projects – were check tested in advance of us commencing the project.

By translating the paper’s complex and highly technical concepts into accessible, readable content, we helped take the Defence White Paper to a broader public audience and help it achieve the widest possible exposure.

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