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How do you deepen engagement with young visitors to the annual Universities Open Day?

That was the challenge set for us by the ANU College of Business and Economics, which wanted to create a lively and informative atmosphere within the college buildings that would encourage more people to visit and learn about the different types of careers paths that come from an economics degree.

We began by creating a small map setting out the routes between the buildings of ANU College of Business and Economics, which contained a series of stops or career junctions. At each stop, a crazy character actor representing one potential career pathway greeted visitors with a short performance.

This character explained to students the types of exciting and challenging things they might expect throughout their professional economics career journey.

To represent all learning aspects of the college, separate paths were created mapping out different and potential career directions.

To create a visual spectacle and more obvious way finding, the paths leading throughout the faculty were represented with arrow shaped decals that were placed on the ground. The individual journeys (including scripting and messaging) were developed in conjunction with College of Business and Economics staff to ensure an accurate picture was painted of a typical (or exceptional) post graduate journey.

Other event elements included a giant social media stats wall showcasing the great outcomes university graduates have produced through their research, a coffee van and coffee cups branded with a unique equation that had a real life application, and a photo booth with graduation gowns and hats. Attendees shared images of their graduate selves via social media using a dedicated hash tag.

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