About Us


Morris Walker was founded in 1988, which makes us Canberra’s most experienced communications agency.

Over the past 28 years the company has grown from a small local firm into a significant agency of Canberra-based staff with a national network of consultants and partners. That means we’ve got the experience, the contacts and the skills to help you achieve your communication goals, every time.

Director Danielle Morris handpicks the Morris Walker team, and only those with an eye for detail, a strong client focus and a big creative streak make the grade. Our people come from a range of backgrounds including journalism, events, publicity and strategic communications, but what they share is a commitment to helping clients find their voice and communicate in innovative, original ways. Over the years, Morris Walker’s people have been behind some of Australia’s most successful, visible and well-received communication initiatives and events.

Skills and experience matter, but you don’t stay in this game for as long as we have if you don’t also have a passion for working with people. Our team is friendly, energetic and creative, and we relish the opportunity to work with clients from a wide range of sectors and industries every day. So take a few moments to find out more about what we do and who we do it for. All the great results and innovative ideas you can see on this site? This is Morris Walker.

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