Canberra Glassworks

Taking glass art to the world

Morris Walker worked onsite with the Canberra Glassworks over two months to review the organisation’s digital marketing activity. A key deliverable of the project was to review the effectiveness of current digital marketing activity and how it could be improved.

As part of the process we consulted with a range of stakeholders including artists, administration staff, board members and the marketing team on how they currently used social media and their appetite for doing more. We then assessed their use of social media and level of audience engagement and concluded it could be vastly improved.

A key recommendation was to make the most of the organisation’s budget by increasing the development and distribution of owned content by taking advantage of the Glassworks huge amount of onsite visually appealing activity.

Since then, the Glassworks has increased its use of video content such as time-lapse videos of glass artists at work and vox pops with visitors and staff, which has in turn increased its social media following. The team has also used social media more effectively to promote its ongoing exhibitions and events simply by including more visual content.

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